Chemo side effects reporting

Hi there, as well as using MacMillan and Breast Cancer Care during my cancer journey, I came across an American website, Breast, that i looked at from time to time, even now dip in there occasionally and tonight they have an article entitled 'Doctors miss some chemotherapy side effects', that you may find interesting, hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend, x

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  • An interesting site thank you.  I did not know until looking at the site just now about genetic testing, that males can also pass the faulty genes on for breast cancer and presumed it was always the mother.   Here is the link you mention

  • I have been for genetic testing due the cancers on my dad's side, his sister and his mum, even though there are cancers on my mum's side and she died because of it at the age of 47. Just got to wait 6months for the results !! 

  • Thanks for that .. Will have a read .. And you have a good Bank holiday too 💖

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