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Handwritten instructions

Just thought I ,d add something to a post I ve just read about dates on prescriptions not being written and causing problems. For those of us or someone close to us who are terminally ill and nearing the end,there is another handwritten red form called the DNR(Do Not Resuscitate) When my poor husband was nearing the end with secondary brain cancer we had to get one of these forms.As you can imagine it's a traumatic time and so the form goes into the file .On the morning Phil passed away the ambulance had come to take him to the hospice he had a chest infection and I was hoping he would be given intravenous antibiotics as he wouldn't swallow tablets anymore. They called another ambulance as he was so ill they wouldn't transport him .when the nurses arrived and added to his file they looked at the DNR and realised the date was incorrect. I can't describe the awfulness of this error as it meant that,if Phil arrested they would be obliged to try and resuscitate him... a phone call then a quick sprint by my son to get another form was horrendous.Sadly Phil passed away peacefully at home an hour later and when the doctor came he was only young and quite distraught.over his error.Mistakes happen we are only human 💞

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