I would also like to know if any one of you do your own juicing?

I found this recipe on Pintersest - Beet,Apples,Carrots,Celery,Lime & Ginger

Apparently its called the Miracle Cure Juice and prevents Acne,Heart Attacks,Cancer,High Blood Pressure & Constipation, it Strengthens Immunity, Eyes, Liver, Spleen,Kidney,Pancreas & Digestive Tract...I have read the book anti cancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber according to the book beet is very good in fighting cancer...I have been drinking this juice ever since i found out i had breast cancer...

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  • I've also read fantastic things about beetroot, ginger and celery but carrots and apples have a lot of sugar which "feeds" cancer cells so I wonder if those shouldn't be replaced by other vegetables.

  • I had also read that sugar feeds cancer cells so I did my best to avoid eating it which conflicted with the booklet I was given during chemo about getting enough to eat, it stated to have full fat milk, hot chocolate as a bedtime drink, jam etc...but also to balance this with plenty of fruit and veg.

    After a couple of months I happened to mention to a retired oncology nurse that I know, about cutting back on sugar and she said that sugar feeds all cells, not just cancerous cells, I think I'd made it sound like the sugar was specifically attracted to the cancer cells, haha!

  • Did your oncologist tell you to reduce dairy and red meat? Mine told me to hardly have any of these and I think the reason being they all have growth hormone.

    And I love my steak! I can't abstain from having some cheese or yoghurt and above all a cup of cuppuccino!

    I have taken a break of shout two months from taking anastrozole because my liver was "misbehaving" very badly. At the same time I was taking enalapril so now I'm back taking anastrozole so will see what happens to my liver!

  • I wasn't told to avoid any particular foods, but I did my own research into what's best to eat. I use flaxseed in my diet now as amongst other things its high in omega 3 and dietary fiber. Its ground so it easily mixes with porridge, natural yoghurt, casseroles etc...I get it from Holland and Barrett.

    I read that flaxseed is thought to be good in fighting/ preventing cancers.

  • A friend of mine worked for cancer research U.K. And said there is a definate link

    Google his video.

    Patrick pollard cancer metabolism. It's on you tube.

    I tried to copy a link on here but it would not let me!

  • Cazlav...I also read up on the Theory that said Sugar Feeds on Cancer Cells and Also Learned that sugar/glucose feeds all cells...So Maybe i can still have a piece of cake don't you think? just not over indulge like i use to...Oh but i just love everything sweet

  • Hi bronwin

    Yeah have a slice of cake every now and then, I still do. How did your tests go, do you know anything more?

  • Bronwin, have you come across any studies or trials where efficacy of beet juice has been ascertained?

  • Hi going to give this a bash ! If it does all of those things !

  • Sounds great! I got a nutriblast for Xmas and will give this recipe a try thanks!

  • Hi x I've been juicing for about 4 years, lots of different recipes! Strange thing was when I started of chemo I couldn't stomach it!! The plan was to do a lot though out but just can't !! Plan to try when finished in march. So many health benifits! X

  • I've been juicing for quite a while - add in some avocado , spinach, cinnamon, banana, blueberries , mango , cucumber to the smoothies - all have some anti-cancer properties and delicious . Also have a look at the "medical medium" on Face book. You will find some really interesting and helpful tips.

  • I like the writing of Pauline Lomas and her blog is worth a read - she travels with her juicer (except for her latest trip to Italy) and an inspiring woman paulinelomas.wordpress.com

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