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My name is Bronwin i am 33 Year old female...about a month ago I felt a lump in my left breast took some test mamo,sonar,biopsy...Got results on 3 December Doctor says its is Cancer next appointment is only in January 11th where they will take all the necessary test to see how far the cancer is and where to go from there...I have been having this non stop headaches is this emotional stress or part of the cancer symptoms? also i have been getting lite pain in my back just behind my breast and in my arms is this part of the cancer?

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  • Hi Bronwin, welcome to the community! I am glad you found us just after diagnosis, I am sure you will find a lot of support here. Hopefully other followers with share their experience with early symptom and emotional stress.

  • I also had left arm pain. I was diagnosed with TNBC left breast.

  • Strange that the biopsy wasn't enough to tell the surgeon what type of cancer you have. If my memory doesn't deceive me, after my biopsy, I just had to decide if I wanted a lumpectomy or a mastectomy of the left breast. I thought of having a mastectomy as then I wouldn't have needed any radiotherapy but my surgeon explained to me the reasons for having a lumpectomy.

    Are you in the UK?

  • hi sorry to hear that you have been told you have cancer. it is a shock for sure. waiting for the next step i always felt stressful. it is a long journey and you may feel every ache and pain is due to the cancer. i tried reiki healing and massage to relax. ive had 2 surgeries and chemo and radio and now double mastectomy with reconstruction. but i know someone who had lump removed and 3 weeks of radio. everyone is different. you should have a breast care nurse and i have made good use of mine asking all sorts of questions. also visited the macmillan stall and read lot or booklets. this can get you down tho so take your time.make note of any questions you have to take to your appointment and dont let the consultant rush you. good luck. x

  • Hello lovely browyn I'm so sorry about your diagnoses , I was diagnosed on October 2015 with breast cancer also 2 nodes removed came back positive , I'm am completely shattered as everyone else is , scared stiff and finding it hard to even function , the waiting for the results is the worst thing ever to go through , and like many ever pain you have is ..oh my god it's gone somewhere else ..

    I'm trying to keep busy , but that's really hard , live alone , my husband died 3 years , so am finding that extremely scary to say the least ,

    I am finding coming on to a site like this does really help , day or night you can write scream or just yell and rant on the page and somewhere out there someone else will be just like me , I live in essex so if there are any other Essex girls who want to be a friend or just chat or to cry with like me , then get in touch , big love and hugs to all from jolly

  • Oh jolly i'm sorry to hear you had to go through so much of this alone . Ive found the breast care system to be wonderful. You should indeed have a breast care nurse or a number for somebody to call. use that number and tell them everything that is worrying you remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. I got pains everywhere when I was diagnosed and I freaked out everytime so I think it's fairly normal and very very unlikely that is connected to your diagnosis. Things don't move as fast as you think and although the waiting is hard be assured that they are doing everything they need to do and you will be well looked after . The waiting is the worst I am now at the other end of a mastectomy and have 2 chemo treatments left. I never thought this would be me but now I'm here I am dealing with it far better than I thought in the beginning. You've been through a lot already losing your husband and you've obviously discovered what a strong person you are this is just another step on your journey and you will be fine. Try not to think too far ahead of yourself or look up anything on Google. Xxxxx gracie

  • Hi,

    I got my results August 21st my birthday! Stage 2 . I had two lumpothy over the last few months. Than they found two more tumours so had masectomy for Christmas lucky me. Losing the breast is not too much a problem I can hide that and in the next year can have reconstruction if I wish. I am not old a young 49. The waiting game and constant mix ups with appointments are a pain. I have been put down on paper as a man twice lol! And when I had first lot they didn't send any nurses out as that was another mix up! Also after the masectomy this time the drain was not put on proper. So it blew out and decorated the loung! But I will have to say we have some very committed nurses and doctors. I find out my treatment plan 13th instead of the 8th January as first told another mix up! This is admin not nurses. I am a strong person with a nutty sense of humour. But yes I have had my wobbles but this has made me look around and see what's important. Take care

  • Hi Bronwin

    First of all sorry to hear your news and I pray for a speedy recovery for you.

    The headaches, back and arm pain could just be down to the worry of what is happening to you, indeed I had all of these symptoms when I was diagnosed and it was just down to the stress of what was going on. As soon as I started getting CT, MRIs etc these symptoms mysteriously disappeared. I did check with my GP though as I felt that something wasn't right but he put my mind at ease. You will have lots of medical people around you so ask lots of questions as that is what they are there for.

    Obviously we, as patients ourselves, will help you as much as we can through support, laughter and words of wisdom.

    You take care of yourself and try and not worry.

    Sending you huge love and hugs Elaine xxxx ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dear Bronwin,

    I am 58. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10-02-2013. I had chemo, then a lumpectomy and then radiation. I want you to know, that the time period in the process where you are now was the most difficult of the journey for me. The diagnosis was traumatic and made me really terrified. I remember thinking "get it out, get it out, get it out!". But, you do have time... Time to adjust, time to read, time to talk to doctors and time to make decisions. You will learn a lot really fast. You will make decisions you think you cannot make. But, you can make them and you will. I felt much better emotionally once treatment started. You will also. Write your symptoms down and have your list of questions with you when you go to the doctor. Write down the answers when you get them... Or record them. In my case, so much was going on at those dr appointments that I would forget things.. So I would refer back to my notes. You CAN do this!!

  • I am new to this cancer stuff too. I will be starting chemo after the new year. I felt increased pain in my back after the biopsy but it didn't stay with me. Best of luck and keep us posted.

  • Hi ya'll, i had difficulties logging in...i feel so touch by all of the reply's i actually have tears in my eyes right now...When i firsts felt the lump in my breast i went to private Doctor/Hospital i was so nervous about it i just had to get results as quick as possible...However, i do not have medical aid so no the doctor have refer d me to public hospital.I now have an appointment for 11 January 16. All i have is the results the doctor gave me i am so scared the doctor told me where to go...But i m not sure what they gonna do on Monday will they start Chemo, will they do or will they cut me...I hear so many stories about public Hospitals that it scares me to just go there.I am not coping very well I've been married for 12 years and have been struggling to fall pregnant for 10 years...I fell pregnant 18 months ago and it was such a Blessing...My baby is so young i cant imagine her living her life without a mother and me not being there for every part of her life

  • Hi Bronwim, are you in Ireland or the UK? I can only speak for Ireland but I'm guessing on Monday they will look at your results and you will meet the oncologist who will discuss the plan with you. I doubt they will start chemo on that day. I would recommend that you bring another adult with you for support.

    Try not to panic (easier said than done I know) but there is such huge success in treating breast cancer so do your best to keep positive. Your little baby will keep you strong. Keep sharing your thoughts here for support - these forums helped me hugely while undergoing treatment. :-)

  • Hi Moirs,

    Hope you are doing well, thank you so much for your reply...i am counting the days to Monday and its so agonizing I could SCREAM...I am Live in South Africa...So my friend told me yesterday about this 29 year old lady with two small kids who found out she had breast cancer at the beginning of 2015 and lost the battle 2 days before Christmas...My friend is a really sweet gal and I am sure she only meant well...But how do you tell a 33 year old with a 18 month baby (me) this sad story...I was in tears the whole day and now have all kind of ideas in my head of how the doctor is gonna see me on Monday and tell me that i only have a few months left...

  • Hi Bronwin, I'm Elaine. As I write this I am in my hospital bed having had a bilateral mastectomy and lymph nodes removed two days ago. I would imaging your headaches are due to stress. And the possibility is that now you are aware of the cancer, you will feel twinges and darts of pain that may have gone unnoticed before. However if you have the slightest of concerns do get in touch with your nurse in the breast clinic. You will understandably have big worries and concerns. I would urge you to try to keep occupied and, although it seems and sounds impossible try not dwelling on the cancer. I have been writing a blog on my experiences, do feel free to have a read.

    I hope it gives you some assurances. I will be updating it later today. Good luck in your journey and stay positive. Elaine xx

  • Hi,

    I got my breast cancer as well just had masectomy two weeks ago. First yes it's normal to get shoulder pain and the headaches are part of the stress. The waiting game is the worse thing about all this.

    stay strong keep positive. It is so advanced with the tests now.

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