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vaginal irritation

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I have been on Letrazole and Ibrance almost 3 years now. I have vaginal irritation and burning which I assume is caused by the medication especially Letrazole. Can someone suggest a cream that would help relieve this? Thanks in advance! Judy

7 Replies
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Femi Daily tea tree oil (I get it from Amazon). Stings when you apply it but works wonders. Or Sylk from pharmacies very good doesn’t sting but Femi is better

These were both recommended by oncologist. She told me they could be prescribed but my doc wouldn’t

I did use Canestan but this didn’t really work

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BlessedMimi in reply to Happyrosie

Thanks so much for your suggestions! I will definitely look for them.

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Fran4 in reply to Happyrosie

Thank you so much for your reply to BlessedMini, I have been on Letrozle for nearly 3 years. Been having, what I thought was short spats of cystitis, mentioned this to Doctor and she is sending me to bladder clinic but she didn’t say it could be tablets. So thank you as I will now be trying Femi Daily tea tree oil

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BlessedMimi in reply to Fran4

I go to a urologist with lots of UTI symptoms.

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that’s something I wanted to ask as well as have to have frequent cervical smears which are agonising to top of vagina being so dry.

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it such a relief to find your not the only one is t it ! I use YES products , really good there’s an oil and water based one . Google them x

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BlessedMimi in reply to ABC58

Thanks for your reply!

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