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BP elevated

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High blood pressure

I was diagnosed with MBC in June 2021 , and I am currently taking ibrance 125mg with letrozole 2.5mg (8th round ) . I’m doing really well no side effects other than aches and pains and CT scans have shown reduction in all sites - breast , lymph, liver and breast bone .

I have a home BP monitor and after using it was concerned at how high my BP reading 138/99 . I have spoken with my GP surgery and I am to monitor it for a week to find my average reading ,

I attend the chemo day unit on a monthly basis, to collect my ibrance etc but no one, other than my initial assessment, has ever taken my BP.

Has anyone else noticed that the BP is elevated?

I’m wondering if this is due to the drugs

Any advice on this matter would be very helpful?

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Back in September shortly after my diagnosis, I too was concerned my BP was high as naturally it is quite low including throughout my previous cancer experience. The doctors were not unduly concerned (it was similar to yours) and said it can fluctuate a lot, which is why you need to have average readings and not to be too concerned about a single reading.

Bear in mind that anxiety and pain are two factors which can push up blood pressure. (I first noticed mine was much higher than usual when it was taken during my recovery from the liver biopsy (prior to dx). "Oh" said the nurse. "That's quite high. Are you feeling anxious about anything?" !!! 🙄😂🙄😂🙄😂)

Anyway to cut a long story short, I was put on 2.5mg Ramipril before starting chemo on 1st Oct. A week later I was hospitalised in extreme pain (turned out I had a spinal fracture and more extensive mets than had been realised). My BP was through the roof (up to 200/120 at one point). My pain was brought under control and I've been on paracetamol + Naproxen + morphine ever since. I remained on the 5mg Ramipril for the next month or so and the BP gradually came down; for a while my vision was affected (blurry, spots before my eyes; plus wobbliness).

I kept taking my BP at home until they told me to stop as it was a source of anxiety in itself!! "Only take it if you feel unwell". My BP returned to normal once the pain was controlled and I've been off the Ramipril for the last few months with no problems. I now only take my reading every few weeks, just for reassurance.

Hope that helps! I hope you yourself are not in pain. The pain specialist told me I shouldn't think I had to bear any level of pain... my problem was I was being too stoical. I've reconciled myself to being on long-term morphine now.

All the best


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Jenhood in reply to Ursula_I

Thank you so much, this is reassuring. I’m not in too much pain, the odd sharp pain in Groin area and stomach , of late . . I am to continue taking my BP for a total of 7 days to asses the average reading so🤞. I did think it was due to the letrozole , but I often experience sudden anxiety, so this I suppose could contribute .

Once again thank you for your response.

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