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Stopping Letrozole after five years.

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I’m due to stop taking it in a few weeks time. Can anyone tell me how they felt after stopping do side effects improve? How long did it take? Where there any unexpected effects?

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Hi ,I was on Anastrozole, which is very similar, for 5 years and fortunately did not have any side effects when I came off them. I hope the same applies to you. Good luck x

I was on Letrozole (painful muscles and joints) and changed to exastemane (not quite as painful) but I’m about to ask the oncologist if I can come off them even though I haven’t done my ten years yet. The pain is getting worse and worse - though of course it could be arthritis.So I’m really going to be interested in any replies.

I am just coming off letrozole myself after 5 years on tamoxifen and 5 years of letrozole. I was getting side effects with the letrozole and was getting a lot of running to the toilet. I am finding this is easing off although today I got bad stomach cramps. However this could be related to anything. All the best I am looking forward to my hair thickening up hopefully and maybe losing a bit of weight.

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