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Advice needed

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My Aunt had a mastectomy 4 years ago, she recently developed horrible weeping areas on the scar & a rash. The oncologist says it’s breast cancer cells but not melanoma. She has been having hormone injections for it but the area is spreading. Has anyone else experienced this & if so what was the best advice? The oncologist just seems very laid back & just lets the district nurse change her dressings daily.

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The wound should have been healed after 4 years. You mentioned the doctor said cancer cells. Has the cancer come back then? If so the doctor should provide a new treatment plan. It shouldnotbejustdressingthewound

I would be asking for more information from the oncologist. Why is the District Nurse doing dressing and not oncology nurses. ?

The oncologist is based at the hospital 30miles away so too far for her to travel just to change dressings. The wound did heal, these are apparently secondary cancer cells but, oncologist only offered to continue with the hormone injections or try a chemo tablet which she’s reluctant to do as he’s warned of nasty side effects. She feels abandoned by the system with no one to talk to that’s got the same type of cancer. She’s in her late 70s & doesn’t have the Internet. Her breast cancer nurse is off on sick leave & when she rang McMillan they weren’t at all helpful. Shes in tears all the time & cant seem to get advice. I think she’s seeing the oncologist again on Friday to decide on a treatment but, I know what she’d hoped for was someone to discuss this with or give her something to read. Many thanks to RWGR & Sheppie for replying.

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