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taking Waklert (armodafinil) regularly

Firstly let me introduce myself as a 51-year-old healthy male. I have had been in successful jobs - mostly technical management - and am now into working through some of my favourite projects that I never could work on while working in full-time corporate jobs. Last year I started taking waklert during my hectic full-time employment. Incidentally, Armodafinil my 20-year-old son who used it for sleep avoidance during long periods of intense study recommended me to take it. Initially, I was dead against any smart drugs that stimulate mental alertness. After reading a few reviews and relying on my son's research, I started 50 mg waklert and now sometimes take 150 mg waklert whenever I need a night out on my project.

I must say I am enjoying taking it as it also helps in keeping me in a good mood although this could be a placebo effect :-)

Why I am writing here is to discuss armodafinil or modafinil long term side effects. Someone who is has taken this drug (any of the two) for a long run.

I have had no side effects ever. With HUGE energy boosts and great attentiveness while reading & listening (I used to start dozing in between a longish presentation but no more now), It does feel a wonder drug,

Awaiting experiences from others.

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