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Confusion after pituatry surgery

Hi everyone, I am worried sick about my dad as I catch the plane tonigh to see him tomorrow morning. My dad is 72 years old and has recently undergone a surgery for a non active pituatry tumor. The doctor told us that the surgery went well but four hours later my dad had two seizures which lasted less than 30 seconds each. The doctors did CT scan and angiography and said he has subarachnoid heomherage but no know cause such as aneurism so they removed the bleeding in the brain with stringe from the spinal cord

My mum and my brother asked him a couple of questions on day 1 after surgery and he was able to answe them correctly but today on day 2 after surgery he is extremely confused and not opening his eyes at all. He didn't recognise my brother and thought he was his brother. He is oblivious to he fact that he is in a hospital and not in a ground with his brother.

I am extremely worried and starting to wonder if surgery was a good idea. Although the tumor grew by 2mm in six months so it didn't feel like there was abt other option. If anyone has gone through similar experience can they please share it? Is it normal to be this confused after a surgical procedure?

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