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Neuro Surgeon Appointment

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Hi Everyone

I went to see the neuro surgeon yesterday in Nottingham who is now sending my details to neuroradiologist to review coiling - is this normal procedure ?

He spent the first ten minutes telling me surgery complications then said it's not always first option then that because I'm only 36 they would probably operate - confused !

Thanks x

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Maybe he meant the first line of approach in cases like yours is to watch and rescan to see if it gets bigger ; setting out the risks as that's what they have to do and then concluding that as you're quite young perhaps it should be addressed. .. when you see the neuro radiologist you'll get a clearer idea. Go armed with your questions :)

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Lh2112 in reply to Andersl

Thanks I just hope it isn't long to the appointment x

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me2you in reply to Lh2112

I hope you don’t have to wait long. Please keep us informed xx

I have my first appointment next Tuesday! After reading about you I hope they give me answers I need. Waited 11 months for this appointment can’t wait any longer?!!

The only difference between you an me I have had three different scans in the last 11 months and each time its grown

Good luck xxx

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Lh2112 in reply to me2you

Let me know won't you good luck xxx

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me2you in reply to Lh2112

Same back to you x