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Had appointment yesterday treat or not?

Hi all

Had my cerebral angiogram yesterday in Leeds. Great team and really put me at ease. Wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Confirmed that my aneurysm was in an awkward position. A carotid cavernous aneurysm at the base of my brain, behind the right eye, so ruled out craniotomy as impossible to reach. It's also got a wide neck so coiling wouldn't be suitable. So left with stent option. Also worrying about if this will impact on eye sight as it's on one of the main vessels that feed your eye. Left now with making a decision on to treat or not. So any advice would be great. Didn't go into exact measurement, said was between 6-7mm. Surgeon then went on to say; lots of people 3 in 100 have aneurysms and not aware, if I have a stent will be in aspirin for rest of my life, which he said has own risks! Bleeding etc and only young - 47. Said 8-15% risk of operating versus a 1% chance of it rupturing each year... could just monitor it but then only have 1 scan per year. Family said to go through surgery..

would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had stent fitted? Thanks, Jo

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I am curious. What did you do? Having discovered that I have a 7 MM aneurysm (carotid cavernous base of brain) in MRI scan looking for cause of loss of balance. I'm just at the start of this whole experience. Scared too!


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