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Clipping surgery for aneurysm of middle cerebral artery


I have recent found out I have a brain aneurysm and am due to have clipping surgery after Christmas. Can anyone tell me how long the surgery is? How long will be in hospital? And how long will I need to have off work?

I have so many questions which I know my surgeons will answer when I see him but just wondered what other people’s experiences are.

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Hi Bert. Sorry to hear that you are going through this. I had mine clipped in 2010. My aneurysm ruptured when I was 21 years old and whilst I was 38 weeks pregnant. And that's when I found out I'd had an aneurysm. Doctors delivered my daughter by c section whilst I was in a coma (she's 9 now and completely fine) and my clipping surgery was 8 hrs. The surgeon said it was the biggest he'd ever seen and with it rupturing it caused me to have a stroke. So I couldn't say how long it will take you to recover as my circumstances were a little different but I was aloud home 6 weeks after surgery and 9 years on recovery is still ongoing. I also met other patients in hospital that had clipping surgery on aneurysm before it had ruptured and they were in hospital just a few short weeks. I think recovery is different for everyone depending on size of aneurysm, health and fitness of patients, determination, age. Best advice I can give is to stay positive and to set yourself reasonable goals every day. Have a great Christmas Bert and good luck. Please keep us updated

Bert2327 in reply to Jelly0206

Hi Jelly, wow that must have been terrible for you, I’m please to know that you and your daughter got through that ordeal, I do hope hope the issues you have now are manageable. I do think I have been lucky this was found before it ruptured.

It’s all been so quick really I only found out 6 weeks ago and surgery is already booked. I have only seen my surgeon once and really didn’t take it all in, u will ask a lot more when u see him after Christmas. As I have no idea how I will feel after surgery, how big the cut in my head will be.

I found out I hat a 14 m aneurism after a stroke my my surgery was booked I. Very early after I was in surgery for 4 hrs roughly I am the only patient to my knowledge that went home dinner time next day. Leeds now banned that now on reflection I came home to soon it's normally three to February days my surgeon recorded it and uses it to teach now I felt very tired for months after but I.d had a secustroke week before now 8 months on I'm feeling like my old self scull is still tender all healing is different I will say don't rush into you're old life to fast as you're brain needs to adjust to new limitations that you will have my other two aneurism are being monitored eventually they will need surgery but I'm not scared as I was the first time I found also the conflict with family hardest because they couldn't understand the slower way of life I have now best advice I'd be positive when you have the surgery it's helps in the coming days good luck and take time to heal in you're time don't rush

Bert2327 in reply to Tracy331

Thank you Tracy, good to hear your doing better now and hope everything goes well for your next surgery. I’m sure my surgeon said I could also be out the day after surgery this did shock me a little. How long after surgery was you up and about I’m really not a good patient lol. And sorry to ask how big was the cut on your head?

Tracy331 in reply to Bert2327

I was up within ten minutes after getting to the ward you will be a little light headed and wably when you walk so be aware of that I was cut ear to ear 50 staples you will feel dimples in you're skull where they cut you you can't see any scar In my head hairs growing fast you know what women are like over hair that's was my worst fear of the process that they would shave a big snout but they don't they only shave what they need to after bandages came off it looked like I've had a brow lift now wrinkles lol tha most painful part is removal of my staples as a couple really embedded the others didn't I really hope it goes well for you as it did me you sound strong and positive you will need that it'll make a big difference to after woods my surgeon put my mind at rest he was so confident which also helps a man after me had brain tumour removed he was out having a fag next day it's the unknown which scared me worse thinking I wouldn't get through it would I be the same had I known before what it was like I wouldn't have worried as much this site helped me so much after as little things worried me you will find someone on this site to answer and help you through it

I really hope yours goes as good as mine x also I will help answer any questions you want

Bert2327 in reply to Tracy331

That’s a lot of staples 😳 I do hope I don’t have that many. It’s was good to hear you was up ten min after being woken I do hope I am as lucky. Thank you again

Tracy331 in reply to Bert2327

The only reason was it was at the left front of my brain they don't put you back on ward for about three hours after waking up they have to constantly monitor you to begin with once back on ward basically they were that busy they leave you alone to get on with it just keep positive theve found it in time

Cwar90 in reply to Tracy331

I had my head shaved it’s grew back already it amazing how quick it grows back and the hair is thick and healthy you are right about us women my hair was something I was massively bothere about bothered your usually kept in upto a week after if all hoes well and recovery is straight forward

Hi Bert I had coiling done in August. This was also a new experience for me. My aneurysm is at the base of the skull and stenting, coiling and scaffolding had to be done. I was in hospital for 4 weeks due to complications. The stenting has to be done through another operation next year. I went through a period of hallucinating and more. Your surgeon will explain more but trust the surgeon. They know what they're doing.

Hi Bert 2327, I had also a brain Aneurysm Hemorragied! And stills have another Aneurysm to treats, Clipps! ??,could you please tell me where, which hospital, are you due to have the clipping? ?,I'm being treating in Charring Cross hospital, Adorables +Caring nurses, however, due to the Autheristy measures from the government, the doctors, doesn't seems, that they really cares! They keeping telling me that; as the Aneurysm has not yet Hemorragied! I'll okay, even I trying to explains, how my strougles +Agonizes, Burning pains in my head! !!

Good luck with the clipping,


Bert2327 in reply to Joey53

Hi Joey53, I am being treated at Addenbrooks Cambridge, they really have been brilliant and cant fault the care and support I have received. I do hope you get the help you need

Hi Bert, thanks for your reply, I'm being treating my Aneurysms in Charring Cross hospital, London, and there's a shortage of staffs, wish me luck! Merry Christmas for you and your family. Gratefully

Hi Bert. Yes I manage to live independently now and have since had another child. It left me partially blind in my left eye but they say my sight could still come back. They went in through my forehead when I had my surgery and it healed really well, I just have a 3 inch scar that's as thin as a hair, you can hardly notice it. You will be very tired after surgery and have a bit of a headache and this will be on going for a good few weeks. I was told the best thing to do is rest and sleep for a quicker recovery as the brain has less to think about whilst you are sleeping. Tiredness and headaches will get better every day. But you do have to be patient and not rush into anything if you don't feel ready, you have to listen to your body. Good luck

Is it common practice to have an open skull surgery for clipping in UK? I had endovascular surgery here in the USA for an unruptured giant aneurysm. I had flow diverter stent and 16 coils inserted through a small incision in my femoral artery. I was flat on bed for 8 hrs and was home after 2 nights just because i had some bleeding on the incision and my blood pressure was low. I am 7 months post and feeling ok.

Bert2327 in reply to Dudeebutt

Hi good to hear your on the mend. I believe it depends on the location of the aneurysm as to what surgery option they take

I was in hospital for a week after aneurysm clipping on middle cerebral artery by craniotomy . It's been 5 weeks since op and still very fatigued etc . I think everyone is different with regards recovery but I would not rush back to work and give yourself time to heal . Sharon

Hi Bert, I had a haemorrhage back in May which is when my aneurysm was found. I had a craniotomy and right MCA clip at Queens hospital in Romford. I was in for 10 days as apparently the first few days are when there is likely to be a re-bleed if it’s going to happen. I was lucky that I didn’t really have any symptoms other than the horrific sudden headache, and have had no issues since my surgery. I saw the neurologist in October, when they discharged me from their care. I have recently started to notice the odd pain in my head, so I will be speaking to my GP about it. I had an incision along the hairline that runs from my right ear to the middle of the top of my head (hope that makes sense, happy to attach a pic if it doesn’t). The op was about 4 hours I think. If there’s anything else I can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask. All the best.

Bert2327 in reply to Perry83

Thank you perry83, mine has not ruptured (thank god) mine is also right side. Did they shave a lot of hair? And was you in a lot of pain after surgery?

Good to hear your in the mend let’s hope the pain your getting now is nothing serious.

Perry83 in reply to Bert2327

They only shaved a line of my hair, (which has caused great entertainment to my family and friends watching it grow back) I was in a bit of pain after the op, but I spent a lot of time sleeping which helped. Once I was out of hospital I was able to manage my pain with just bog standard paracetamol.

I think I’m just a little scared of any pains or funny feelings I get now, in case they turn out to be something more sinister. Hopefully that’s not the case and I’m just being paranoid.

Hi dear, I hope you are doing well. I am a living example there is life after clipped brain aneurysm. (In artheria carotis interna on left side of brain). The surgery was in 1995! In Budapest (Hungary). The aneurysm was unrupted and it was clipped, I was 30 years old, spent 4 weeks in hospital because of the complications. I was cut fro ears to top of my head. The surgery itself took 4 hours approximately. I was on sick leave for 3 months. Only some restriction I had to I have to follow. No sauna, no MRIs, no special face treatment only ultrasound. The worse thing was that no pregnancy I could survive, so I have no children. But Jeez, I am already 53..I feel so lucky I survived and reading these comments, I have hope for 20 some extra year. I hope everything goes well with you I wish you all the best Bert

Hi I am now a week post opp, I managed to do very well after surgery and only spent 2 nights in hospital thanks to the amazing surgery team I had. I was cut from left eye brow to bottom of right ear with 30+ staples, these were removed today. Since I have been home I have been very tired and weak but luckily I have a wonderful family look8n* after me. One thing that is bothering me tho is that half of my head is still totally numb apart from that I feel pretty well in myself.

Glad to hear you’re doing ok. I had my surgery Boxing Day 2015 and spent 2 weeks in Kings College Hospital.

It took a few weeks for all the feeling to come back although I had some discomfort over the little plates holding my skull together. The fatigue does gradually ease off, don’t try to do too much all at once, that will really flatten your recovery.

An interesting discussion. Good to hear of other people's experiences. I would say it's best to get answers from your surgeon. I had a large brain aneurysm (22mm x 14mm) found by chance in September 2016. I had a craniotomy in March 2017 where the surgeon clipped it. The operation took 9 and a half hours and surgeon described it as difficult and massive. Before the op I was told it'd probably take about 5 hours and I'd then spend 1 to 2 days in ICU and then be moved to a normal (?) ward for a week or so. Because of the issues I had, I was kept in ICU for 3 weeks and then had a luxury 2 days in a lovely room with a telly :) then I was sent home as the surgeon was heading off for a holiday. My sons were not happy about me being sent home. I felt, at the time, that I was fine. I know since, thanks to those who were close to me at the time, I was bluddy awful. I have been left with issues and they've been added to by a stroke I had at work last year. Mostly cognitive function issues and fatigue, but most people that don't live with me think I look fine so must be back to "normal". Recently been dismissed by my employers (nearly 34 years) as unfit for work for the foreseeable.

Not sure what is all down to the surgery and/or stroke as I had an unexpectedly horrible stressful time coinciding with the discovery of the aneurysm. Husband of 30 years left. Boys and I were left heart-broken, mind-broken, devastated. My Darling Dad died. So much stuff going on was, I think, not great for this brain of mine. I kept a smiling face on to stop others worrying. Having said that, son's ex girlfriend told me recently that my face didn't smile. Couldn't smile. For months.

I feel OK now apart from issues mentioned. I hope you have good supportive people there for you. And I wish you all the best. Do ask your surgeon all the questions :)

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