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Help am I pregnant

I’m 13dpo, a couple of days after ovulation I felt dizzy and had sore nipples, with spouts of nausea. I’ve had weird tummy pains, constant dry mouth since I’ve ovulated... I can wake up in a morning and feel sick, but nothing comes up, I’ve lost all appetite and my tummy is really bloated. Also I’m having an excessive amount of cervical mucus and I think it would have been around 9-10dpo I had a lot of egg white creamy cm like it was a lot.

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Have you taken a test? Early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to premenstrual symptoms so it’s hard to say. At 13 dpo I’m assuming your past the date your period should have started? If so, take a test using your morning wee. Good luck x


The early pregnancy symptoms are typically similar to that of PMS... it's very hard to say from just the symptoms if you're pregnant. I'd say go ahead and get an HPT done - preferable red dye ones (those are easy to see with less false) and not just count on presumptions. Around 13DPO it should show as much as a faint pink like if you're pregnant. Good Luck!


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