I have Atxic ceribal palsy I lost my baby at 11 weeks I want another one I have a carer but she don't want me to have anther one but she keeps saying my body saying I can't have kids and me and my boyfriend both no that's not true

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  • First thing first it's not up to your carer. She's there to care for you not to me make decisions for you. Second of all have you spoken to your doctor about trying to conceive? Might be best to work up a plan with them or ask to be sent to a fertility specialist. Miscarriage doesn't necessarily mean infertility as it's more common than people think and many women do go on to have normal pregnancy after a miscarriage first time round.

    Just look at your options. Don't let someone else tell you that you're limited because of your health circumstances. As long as you know that you're able to carry a child, etc then there shouldnt be an issue. Also look at what medication you're on and whether you can carry whilst you're on the medication. I've had several miscarriages myself and was told I couldn't carry whilst on medication so I came off of it and I'm working on going onto something more 'pregnancy-friendly'.

    Good luck.

  • We spoke 2 midwife and sed there's no reason why we can't try again

  • There you go. That's honestly the advice that matters the most. Don't let that first miscarriage put you off. Just read up about it and you'll see how common it is. I've had 3 but as I say it was due to medication.

    My advice would be to make a plan. So go onto prenatal vitamins. Look at whether your diet needs improving. If you smoke or drink excessively then look at reducing that. Look for signs of ovulation. There are period tracking apps and ovulation apps that'll help you to fall pregnant. And then let nature take its course. Just remember to have fun though. Don't make trying to conceive a chore. The more relaxed you are and enjoying it the better your chances.


  • I'm on baclofen n sed it was fine taking them

  • i had so many miscarriages i was still able to carry 3 times its up to you if you want to try againg most docs say let your body rest for about 6months or so withing you all the best hun

  • We waiting now anyway

  • i think they only say let ur body rest so ur periods get back to normal but try taking folic acid b4 you try and conceive

  • I am doing anyway

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