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Has anyone had a negative ultrasound and been pregnant???

Has anyone had a negative ultrasound and found out that they where pregnant I have not had a proper period for 5 month's now and everything negative (hpts, bloods) and clears ultrasound shows I don't have any other problems no cysts, growths ovaries ok and kidneys ok they said nothing is wrong with me but I have all the pregnancy symptoms and feelings and that and my stomach is getting bigger has this happened to anyone before?

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Hi There,

It would be a very unusual pregnancy where everything (especially a scan) are all showing negative. You do need to discuss your concerns and fears with whomever carried out all the tests, are they not seeing you again as a follow-up? If not, I would book an appointment with your GP and ask for all the results to be explained, and ask why they feel your belly area is getting bigger.

Best Wishes



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