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Had positive test at my out patient hospital appointment to book operation urine test me came back positive so said can't operate

After my positive pregnancy test confirmed at then hospital by urine they scanned me due to a very small bleed hardly anything didn't even need to wear a pad sorry for tmi. Anyway at the scan the lady said she could see the sac which she said was very certain was a pregnancy progressing. This scam was literally 3 half days after my positive urine pregnancy test. They took my bloods they said negative. The lady said I'm likely to miscarry. However iv spotted but it's not been a lot and it's brown so old blood. I've had two children before and spotted like this when pregnant with daughter. I suffer with very low hormones to detect it. In second pregnancy took forever to detect and miscarried before had my son but got caught very quickly after but I was very anemic. However gone on holiday I'm still not had period just one day of spotting. My right nipped stings and when I am in the shower the water hurts my right boob. I'm so anxious they treating me as of still pregnant but my friends have said this happened to them and if I miscarry I would be in agony. It's weird how just 3hakf days after a positive test it said not pregnant as had low blood results. My bloods are being redone in three days. What is anyone else's views. X

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Hi There,

I know it's really hard to wait to find out what is going on, but this will give a clearer picture of what is happening for you. The space between the blood tests help the hospital see if the Beta hCG levels are rising or falling. They have to space them out so they can compare and work out if sadly this pregnancy may lead to a miscarriage. This link is to a fabulous website that can provide information and support at this stressful time. I hope all goes well.

Best Wishes



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