Hypothyroidism and struggling to conceive baby number 2

Good Morning all

Joined health unlocked a while ago know for the thyroid uk page, first time on BPA.

Already have an amazing 2 and a half year old son, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in August 2013, as we couldn't conceive, Aug 2014 he was here safe and happy

Since then my levo intake has gone up from 25mcg to 125mcg, and recently lowered back to 100mcg.

Now what I am looking for advice on is i've read dozens of articles with a link between hypo and miscarriage, I have suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 11 months, one at 8 weeks and the other unbeknown to us died at 5 weeks and we started to miscarry at 8 weeks.

Has anyone had the same problems as us and how did you go about it, I genuinely believe that my hypo is causing the foetus deaths and I cannot go through another loss.

Thank you all in advance


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