Am I pregnant or pre menopausal?

Hi! I am 44 years old and unsure if I am pre menopausal or pregnant. I forgot to take the contraception pill this month and had unprotected sex a couple of times but did the withdrawal method. My period is ten days late, I did a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative but today I have a clear sticky discharge. Feeling confused.

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  • Hi There,

    I'm sorry I missed your 44 you are certainly not considered old reproductively! If you’re over 50, after one year without periods you are considered to have gone through menopause (for women under 50, it’s 24 months). Hopefully by this point you know the outcome, as you may have at first tested too soon. If it was all negative, maybe you could look to have a hormonal coil (Mirena) fitted. This will give you 5 years of cover and peace of mind.

    Best Wishes


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