Is it too early to know?

I have stopped the mini pill 2 weeks ago and I have been having regular unprotected sex with my hubby since.

I have not had a period or even a withdrawal bleed since stopping he mini pill. On Sunday night we had unprotected sex and in Monday I got a sharp cramp feeling in my abdomen, it lasted for a few minutes and since I have had lower abdomen pain and lower back pain, I have been feeling nauseous and light headed.

I felt confused so performed a pregnancy test but it was negative.

What could these symptoms be?

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  • You would have to wait a lot longer before you got a positive result. Also you are best to wait until your regular period has returned before knowing either way or trying really as the ones on the pill are induced just by the break in your meds. I got pregnant once on the pill as I missed a few days but unfortunately despite ovulating it turned out to be a molar pregnancy which is very rare but when the egg carries no DNA info. I am not saying this will happen and many people do become pregnant soon after stopping the pill but it's best to let your body get into its natural synch again incase of any complications.

  • i would probably say that it is your body starting to adjust back from being on the pill xx

  • Hi There,

    The progesterone only pill (POP) or mini-pill is not active after 48 hours of not taking it. So you could be pregnant, but conventional pregnancy tests are only accurate 3 weeks after earliest sex, so you are testing too early. Wait another week and test again, but commence folic acid and keep healthy in case the result is positive. Good luck!

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you.

    Symptoms have continued and have become more pregnancy like since. IE: bloating, sore boobs, totally exhausted all the time and 12 days following what I thought was a possibility of implantation cramps had some spotting which was old and lasted only a day and was barely anything at all really.

    Will take your advice and wait another week to test again.

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