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Confused :S

I've taken 4 tests in total 2 were negative and 2 were really faint positives.

But I'm experiencing tenderness under my breast bone right down to just above my groin area. It's also tender around lower back as well. My stomach feels quite firm which it never usually does. I'm also getting pain like I'm being pinched this has been going on for nearly a week but at the start I had really bad cramps. I did have a period I guess it was 2 days late, lasted for 2 days Luck right!! But was really light. I've got a drs appointment soon but I am so confused

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it sounds like you have some pregnancy symptoms. When I first took pregnancy tests, I had two positive in the morning and a digital one by the evening said negative and I went to the dr the same day and their test was negative too. I did another digital test the next morning and it came up positive. The dr sent me for a blood test and that confirmed I was very early pregnant. I'm now nearly 17 weeks, so ask the dr to send you for a blood test just to definitely be sure


That's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna ring up and tomorrow and try get a same day appointment, then I'm gonna ask for bloods just to see how my hormones are. As I've never experienced anything like this. As the tenderness in my stomach and back came quite suddenly out of the blue


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