Am I Pregnant?

2/3 weeks ago I had sex with my fiance, and that night I forgot my pill. I didn't realise until 24 hours afterwards and took my missed pill then but since about 5 days after we had sex I've had sore breasts and nausea almost every day. Like my boobs are so tender and achy, wearing a bra over the past couple of days is hell. My eating/tastes have been really weird with things tasting off or not enjoying foods I usually do and even the smell of food I really wanted made me nearly throw up the other day. I had some cramping between 1/2 weeks after we had sex too and I'm really tired all the time I stopped taking my pill a week ago now as a precaution because the instruction warned against taking them in pregnancy. Usually, if I've been ill and unable to take my pills for even 1/2 days or missed them I start a period (I don't get proper periods or even light bleeding sometimes for months) and yet I haven't started bleeding at all. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, i think it was too early to take one though but because I don't get proper periods it's difficult to work out when I should take a pregnancy test and I with all the other symptoms I'm experiencing I feel like I have to be pregnant. When should I take another test?

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