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Braxton hicks just as painful as previous labour contractions?

I'm 30 weeks tomorrow. If you check my previous posts you'll read I'm being sent for a growth scan for static growth tomorrow. I'm also diagnosed with mild preeclampsia at the moment. I've had preeclampsia twice before and induced both times once 38weeks and one 37week..never had issues with growth before. Anyway.. yesterday at around 3pm I started to feel uncomfortable my stomach felt tight and like tearing inside. I could cope with the pain and thought (tmi sorry) maybe I needed a poo. Went for poo and pain carried on. Went for a wee pain carried.on. I put my two kids to bed and lay down the baby was moving like crazy but kept getting a pain coming that was so intense I was in tears... I've been through labour twice now already so when I say it.was as painful as a contraction it was PAINFUL. I had no leaking no blood. I lay on my left side and noticed my uterus went rock.solid when the pain came. It would never.go away completely the pain but my uterus stayed rock solid it wouldn't relax at all. I sat up and tried.monitoring it my husband came home and I asked his opinion and he said it was solid too. So the pain intensified around 6pm.and eventually eased abit around 8pm. My uterus was still like a.rock till around 8.30 when it gradually softened. Woke up at 4am and was sore again but not as bad uterus wasn't too hard just could feel hardness where baby was lay (she's breech). I've ever experienced anything like that before without being in actual labour so could only put it down to braxton hicks. She's moving fine today too and just feel sore like I'm bruised. Wore a pad over night just incase can say I've got increased discharge nothing alarming like oddly coloured indicating infection or anything but more than normal for me.

Anyone had anything like this? I had braxton hicks with my first that went across my front and my back and they checked my cervix at 35 weeks and I was 2cm dilated.

Feel like I'm. Going mad cos they were so painful and nobody I've asked has had them that painful before

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Hi There,

As the pain has been so intense I think you need to contact your midwife today and be checked over by a healthcare professional, as she is the only one who can judge what's is happening, and action things from there. Hope all goes well.

Best Wishes


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