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Am I expecting too much??

I'm 46 and have been trying for our first baby for about 6 months now. I now I'm an older first time mum, but up until now, it just hasn't been the right time to have a child. As each month goes by and no baby, the more upset and frustrated I get. I'm not sleeping well and all I can think about (apart from work) is why am I not yet pregnant?? Am I expecting too much to become a mum at my age? Am I just being too impatient and not worry about it? I'm thinking about going to my GP to see if they can do some sort of test to see if I'm still fertile, would this be a good idea? I need to do something, because as each month goes by, the worse I'm feeling!

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I would get some tests done if I was you, and your partner. I was in the same situation this time last year, although I am only 31. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting pregnant, we had been trying 3 years. We eventually went to the Dr they did tests on us both, all came back fine so I was referred to a fertility specialist. My answer was I was riddled with Endometriosis! I had an op to get it excised, and 2 months post op I fell pregnant. I am now 12 weeks. Don't give up, calm now. Stop Stressing, begin the steps to finding out why. You will not get pregnant if you are too wound up and stressed out.


Hibex-louise ,

Do not be disappointed as once my GP said that I had a lady who was 46 and gave a birth to a twin. Try to see your GP and ask for some advice and check. Another point is try to make yourself happy as much as you can to avoid delaying in ovulation. In addition, there is a tablet in boots for fertilisation (for couples),try to by it. I hope this would be helpful.


I was advised, by an ob/gyn that women over the age of 35 should not try to conceive for longer than 6 months before seeking medical advice. There is still plenty of hope for you, it just may need some help. Make an appointment with your GP - the sooner you get treatment the sooner you might have a bump.


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