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Am I pregnant, weird symptoms

I'm on the pill cilest and have been for a while I didn't think anything until my fiancé said my boobs looked more swollen and not like they usually do. Also had very bad dizziness and feeling faint. Strange stomach and pelvic sensations that are nothing like I have felt before. Had very bad diarrhoea last night and now it's stopped. I am due on my period soon and have taken 2 tests and they were negative. If I am pregnant it's due to being on holiday with the time difference and being sick. Any advice please? Is it possible to get pregnant on the pill?


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Hi there

Unfortunately it is possible to get pregnant on the pill if you missed taking your pills, were late taking them or have had a bad stomach. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test if you period is late, lighter or shorter than usual.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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