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Should I start telling people I'm pregnant?

Should I start telling people I'm pregnant?

I am currently 9w+4 but I have a bump that is really starting to show. I cant wear my normal trousers anymore as the waist band is to painful so I got some maternity stuff which is comfortable but obviously a little to big at present.

The pic is one that I took last night.

Is it to early to be telling people? With the fact that so much can still go wrong?

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Hey Leah,

I think you tell people when your ready, maybe not trying to hide a baby bump is the best option because people are bound to be curious, however thats your decision on what you feel you should do.

If you've got someone around that you know will support you maybe telling them may help, and can actually go through it with you and can help you with what needs to be done.

Pregnancy is a difficult thing, but its the choices you feel is right at that moment in time.

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Hi there

It is often a tough call when to tell people. Most women wait until the first scan (or 12 weeks), as you often have a better idea how things are progressing. But it is a personal choice of ‘when to tell’. Maybe wear looser fitting clothes to give you a bit more time?

Good luck.

Best wishes



My husband and I have decided to tell people at work, I have a uniform to wear which isn't very forgiving haha. Others that we don't see often will just have to find out when they see us :)


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