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POS hcg test.......... i have taken a home hcg test (well several)

hi all newby here! i have taken several home hcg test all come back positive i am just absolutely petrified because last time i giot pregnant i started bleeding at 7 weeks and ended up being very ill in and out of hospital and then had a still born. i think i just need reassuring that this time round it wont happen again (i know there is always a chance it could)

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Hi there

Sorry to hear you sad news from your last pregnancy, but every pregnancy is different. You should contact your GP as early as possible, as they could help to reassure you as this pregnancy progresses. this is a link to a UK stillbirth charity, who will be able to offer support to help understand your previous loss. Good luck.

Best wishes



Hi, i feel your anxiety. I am feeling the same. I lost baby at 12wks had to have dnc now im 8 wks and petrified of being happy and petrified of having same thing happen again. I want someone to hold me and say everything is fine. I wish i could do this for you. We have to try and stay calm and relaxed...yet easier said than done. Had a whole day crying today over it. Not had early scan yet and not able to see midwife til 27th oct. X


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