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Hi guys,

Me and my partner had our first appt at fertility clinic last week, I had an internal scan to check my ovaries, the nurse said one of them were fine but the other has a cyst on and she said it looks like it has been there a long time, they couldnt discuss much as it was only our first appt, I just wondered if anyone knows if cysts on ovaries are dangerous and could this stop me conceiving, I get a small pain on that side now and again but not all the time, any advice would really be appreciated as I am a bit worried.TThanyou

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  • I have a niece with cysts on both her ovaries and she has 2 children so it is possible Hun. Good luck

  • thankyou, appreciate it.

  • Hi there

    You should really talk this through with the fertility clinic. Ovarian cysts usually are no problem, but as you have already had a scan the doctor at the clinic should explain what they found, and if they think they need to do anything about it.

    Best wishes


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