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Depo, Agnus cactus and positive ovulation test!!

Hi all,

I started taking Agnus cactus supplement in an attempt to regulate my cycle after coming off depo. I had positive ovulation test the same day I had my period. Second day period and a positive ovulation test again using clear blue ovulation kit. Could it be possible to ovulate while menstrating? Or is this false-positive as a result of the supplement?

Many thanks

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Hi there

It can depend on how long you were using Depo for? Fertility can be slow to return, but not for all women (so if a woman didn’t to be pregnant after stopping Depo, she is always advised to continue with something else). Some women do ovulate again whilst on their period, which is why it can never be assumed that there is a “safe time” during a monthly cycle. Just keep doing as you are, eat healthily, start folic acid and enjoy. A pregnancy test would be accurate 3 weeks after last sex. You could also go and chat things through with your GP. Good luck!

Best wishes



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