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hi i am Anita, i have problem that generally i get periods on time on 2nd or 3rd of a month,but this month i have not get yet, am i pregnant boz in life first time i have share bad on 23rd of last month,but i am sure we had not have proper sex bocz my boyfriend couldn't inject his penis proper but we have fingering.He tried to inject but i am virgin so he couldn't do.I remember there were no sperm bcoz we didn't see any liquid from his penis.Is there any chances to get pregnant.I am still virgin because at that time i didn't had bleeding. But i am tensed what should i do to check weather i am pregnant or not,because my periods are not on time in this month.....what to do?

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you can not get pregnant from your boyfriends finger, if your 100% you have not had penetrative sex and he did not orgasm anywhere near your private areas there is 0% chance your pregnant, am I right to assume your really young? go and speak to a doctor as no one here can tell you what is wrong with your body we are not doctors


Hi Anita

You could a pregnancy test now as your period is late. If it’s a negative (not pregnant result) wait a few days and repeat the test. If it’s still negative and you do intend to have full sex with your boyfriend, it may be best to go and see the nurses at your local contraceptive clinic for help and advice about starting some contraception.

Take care


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