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What should I be doing?

Hi, I am Ruena from Toronto. I am pregnant and delivery is expected to be by the end of this year. I am worried about my health condition now. I am having a severe tooth ache these days and I happen to hear from my friend that, pains of this sort are quite common during pregnancy. But I am very worried as its paining badly and I was thinking of consulting a doc at Bloor west dentistry ( ) which is near to my place. But my friend's suggestion is disturbing. Is, there anything like what my friend said? I thought of ignoring but I am not able to as the pain is that worse and this is getting me irritated. Should I consult the dentist that I planned to? Will my tooth issues got anything to do with my baby's health? Will the consultation with the dentist help me in this situation? It was my love's suggestion to consult a dentist at this place as it is near to our place and I shouldn't be travelling much. Will this really help? I am confused what is to be done and the pain is really disturbing me? Will the consultation really help me or just consult my gynecologist ? I am confused. Please help..

Thanks in advance.

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HI Ruena, I didn't have tooth trouble during my pregnancy, but my friend did. I'd say if it's your teeth to go and see the dentist, but make sure they know you're pregnant. Also check in with your Doctor to make sure you're getting enough vitamins and calcium, as the baby draws from your stores during their development. So make sure you're getting enough! Hope that helps xx


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