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Period 8 Days Late, Negative Test


My period is now 8 days late. I normally have a 29 day cycle give or take but recently (the last 2 months is has been 26 days apart. I was due to start on the 17th July but nothing has happened. My last period was on the 21st June, lasted for about five days and then around the time I should have been ovulating , around 5th -7th July I had a really rotten cold that knocked me out for a couple of days.

The weekend of the 10th my partner and I decided to tell my family of our plans to have a intimate wedding with just the two of us in Iceland at the end of August. This hasn't gone down well with my Mum who ignored me for the rest of the day and then phoned me the following Sunday to vent and yell. My levels of anxiety leading up to telling everyone our plans were sky high, and afterwards knowing I would have to deal with the fallout I actually got heart palpitations. The Sunday she called was the day I was due on. Every time I think about her and her reaction, or when I get a text from her my stomach is in utter knots.

My partner and I have not had unprotected sex, we always use condoms, I don't take the Pill or use anything else. We're always careful to check the condom after as we've had a couple break in the past which has always been followed up with the MAP. I would not have had sex the week I was poorly, but did the week I was better in between the family stress.

I took a pregnancy test on Saturday afternoon and it came back negative straightaway.

I feel crampy but have been feeling this way from a couple days before my period and this has continued but is a bit more intense now. I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms, no discharge but the usually pain in my left hip has subsided.

Can anyone help with what my next steps should be? I don't know if the physical illness and then the emotional stress has caused a perfect storm and I have simply missed it.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi there

I would suggest waiting a couple of days and testing again. If it comes back negative but you still haven't had your period it might be an idea to book an appointment with your GP so they can run some tests. Sometimes stress can cause a delay in your period so if you can try to be as calm as possible.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes



Thank you Katherine, I will try again in a couple of days. Will also try to chill out a bit!


Ah and now there is a little blood and cramps what feels like period pain, hopefully it's all going back to normal!


hello - any updates where you pregnant?


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