16 and pregnant

ive just recently found out im pregnant and I don't think keeping it is an option, I haven't started college yet and just feel like its not the right environment for a baby..whilst im still young

I went to the clinic and they told me if i was to have an abortion id have to bring someone that was 18 and I literally have nobody because telling my mum isn't an option as Shes terminally ill herself.

Im finding pregnany really challenging to hide as i have really bad vomiting and terrible migraines; i just don't want to leave it too late any advice?

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  • Is there no one else that you could ask to come with you? I don't think it has to be a relation, a friend would be able to go. Think carefully before you go through with it and speak to the counsellor, age is just a number but if you don't feel ready and haven't got support then it may be for the best. I hope whatever happens you have someone there for you X

  • Hi there

    You don't need to take a parent with you, you could take another relative or a friend who is 18. Does that sound like a possibility at?

    I really hope you're okay

    Best wishes


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