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No period

Hi ladies just a bit of a rant. I was due on my period last Tuesday (I have regular 28 days period) and I still haven't started. My last period was 30th may. I have been having ferility treatment but my last treatment was in may and I had a period since so I know that didn't work. I have taken several pregancy tests and they have come out negative. I called my doctors and they are not helping. I called day hospital where I am having ferility treatment but they also said to wait until Friday and then call them. I know something is up as I know my body and I have had regular periods. Could I be pregnant but it's too early to show on the tests? Even though they say you can test up to 4 days early?

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Hi ,

When ttc I noticed that my cycle lengths started to vary from 30-50 days!! Docs said it could of been a hormone imbalance/ stress of ttc .... They still happen now. I remember doing test after test and it telling me negative. It's so hard and confusing but I wish you luck xxx

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Thank you for your reply! It's very frustrated as I am suffering from headaches daily now and also feel so bloated :( think my body knows something is up to! Just want to start so I can start my treatment again x

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Hi there

It depends which test you are using? The only early pregnancy test is called Viola available through Lloyds pharmacy, which claims to be accurate before a missed period. Otherwise most tests are accurate 3 weeks after sex or when a period is late or missed. I know it’s hard to wait but you will get best advice from your fertility team or try the early pregnancy test. Good luck.

Best wishes


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