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Possinle.twins ?

Hi guys im nine weeks pregnant and wondering what the chances of me having twins are. Family.members keep teasing me.about it as ive had sevre morning sickness to point i was in hospital over night on iv fluids and high hormone.levels as test coming back stupidly strong very quickly. I have a scanned booked in for 4 weeks time. But i didnt have any of this with my first im constantly tired all the time constantly feeling sick and even with anti sickness meds still throwing up half of what i eat.

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Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear about your morning sickness.

There is evidence that pregnancy sickness is more common and can be more severe in twin pregnancies, but it isn't an automatic sign that you are having twins. It's good to hear that you are getting treatment for your sickness- it might also be worth having a look at Pregnancy Sickness Support. They have an online forum where you can speak with other women in a similar position, and a helpline. pregnancysicknesssupport.or... They also have lots of information about medication for pregnancy sickness and other coping strategies.

I hope this is of some help. Take care and I hope your sickness improves.

Best wishes,


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I had major sickness with my third child a boy and I couldn't keep anything down for 9 months was hospitalised twice. Actually lost weight and put more on once he was born because I could actually eat! If twins run in your family you may be carrying twins but might just be a sickly pregnancy like mine was.

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