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Advise needed :/


Basically my story is that I am taking oral contraceptions and last month i did miss one day/pill.After few more days I had unprotected sex and since last Friday I am feeling really funny, had morning sickness one day and now very sensitive to smells, have some strange eating wishes, tiredness. Done pregnancy test twice both came negative and period came as was supposed to in a break between pills but was less bleed than usual. Started a new pack of pills two days ago but have this feeling that something is not right and would not like to hurt baby by taking pills if pregnant. Any advice?Could pregnancy test not detect it?

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When you miss a pill there's always a chance.. I'm pregnant now because I missed 3 pills one month (had a lot going on mind like a sieve) I guess if you feel like something isn't right go to doctor and ask for a blood test. They may be a bit sceptical as you've bled and had your period between the gap but uli can blees through pregnancy especially at the beginning. You know your own body so if something isn't right you should find out.. there's people on here who end up pregnant after months of false pregnancy tests so I've learnt to sometimes to leave it a week then test again? I hope this helps but I would go see doctor for a blood test if you think there's a chance :)


Hi there

If you are worried you may be pregnant I would suggest going to your GP so they can run some tests. It might be that you have taken the pregnancy tests too early but best to check in with you GP anyway.

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