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hi, im 6-7 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago I had severe pain in my tummy, I was sent to the hospital as my DR suspected a ectopic pregnancy, thankfully it wasn't my baby is in my womb, however im still getting really sharp pains and had spots of bleeding, im due for another scan on the 8th to make sure the baby is ok but im still really worried that something is wrong, has anyone had a similar experience and everything was ok?

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Hi, I'm 3-4 weeks pregnant , scans on 20th . Had 2 embryos put back.

I had pain on left side but it's mainly when I stand or walk for too long .

Glad you got checked out at Hosp, I think it's probably your womb stretching that may be casing the pain .

That's what a nurse told me when I called .

Congratulations , is this your first pregnancy ? Xx


thank you for responding and congratulations on your pregnancy, no I have two other children and I have sadly had 3 miscarriages, I don't remember ever experiencing pain like this, I guess im more worried about losing my baby


I had severe pains at the start of my pregnancy, it could just be your body adapting to the changes its getting ready to make, I had a hematoma on the sac which is what the bleeding was for me, when it was catching / rubbing. On the left side it's a typical and usual pain to get anyway, now I'm 28 weeks and the pains are still bad but rarely come across but that's due to my body changing and preparing itself.

I'd suggest not worrying to a point where your stressing out, as stress isn't good for the baby anyway. If the pain progresses contact your local EDU and ask if you can go in to get checked out, they give you a time to attend and they give you a scan if they think that you need one or that they need to check what it is.

I hope everything's okay and your well.


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