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Rh- miscarriage

Hi there, I am a little lost and hope someone can help.  I am just over 5 weeks pregnant but I think I might loose it.  Took the clear blue Pregnancy test on Sunday 24th which read positive 2-3 weeks but on Wednesday I just kinda lost any pregnancy symptoms I had and took the test again this morning which read positive 1-2 weeks so I think my hcg levels are falling - I know it´s no science but just a gut feeling.  Just back from the Medical Center but there is no Midwife there until next Tuesday because of the Holiday Weekend so they told me if it´s an emergency to go to the ER.  I don´t consider this an emergency BUT if I do start to bleed, because my blood type is Rh Negative, should I go to the Hospital for the  Rhogam injection??  I had a missed miscarriage last summer so i might just be over-reacting.  Thanks for any advice

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Hi i rh n to and had 4 mc from what i know after each mc i have my antie d. Did you have your antie d jab after your mc? If so your well toped up as they told me the same try and stay positive as i don't think it's to do with your antie d best wishes 


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