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Am I pregnant?


I think I might be pregnant. I am experiencing a lot of the symptoms;

- A lot more discharge than normal

- A weird taste in my mouth, almost like metallic

- Back aches

- Headaches

- Feeling/Being sick

- Waking up through the night just to urinate, and also going a lot more than usual.

- Mood swings are crazy

- Going off certain foods and really disagreeing with some smells.

- Constipation

- Heart palpitations and also a lot of lower abdomen pains/cramps.

Am I pregnant?

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Sounds like it hun. I would do a test if i were you! x

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Hi there

If it has been three weeks since you had unprotected sex or if your period is late then I would recommended taking a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. If it comes back negative wait 4 days and retest. You can get tests for free from your GP or local contraceptive and sexual health clinic (you can find your nearest one here fpa.org.uk/find-a-clinic ). Although you can also buy them from pharmacies, supermarkets and even pound shops.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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I'm sorry for my terrible English ...

If your period is delayed, then you should have pregnancy test to be sure if there is pregnancy or not .

Urine pregnancy test is good .


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