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So, me and my boyfriend had sex about 5 days ago, and everything was fine and dandy until i went to move off of him, and the used condom with semen inside it came off - emptying half of the contents into my vagina. I instantly went to the bathroom to try and wipe most of it off and get as much out as I possibly could, but it's now around the time when I'm due my period and, it hasn't come yet - and i''m insanely worried that I might have accidentally fallen pregnant. I don't use any other means of contraception, and I am seriously going to look into it after all of this is over - but I feel lonely as I lack any close friends I can talk to about this kinda thing.

My current plan is to wait it out for two weeks until I go back to college - and if my period still doesn't show, to act upon it then since I will have waited long enough for a pregnancy test to work properly. But I was just wondering if anyone else out there had any advise or tips they could give me for dealing with this kinda thing? I'm really anxious about everything :(

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Hi there

I'm sorry to hear you're so worried, but wiping herself after sex will not prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately it will be a case of waiting 21 days after this event or waiting to see if your period is late, lighter or shorter and doing a pregnancy test. Why don't you access your local contraceptive clinic as soon as you can, to go and chat things through so you aren't alone whilst you wait.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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