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I was with a guy and we didn't have sex but I started to worry that I might have gotten pregnant from what we did do because I read that you could get pregnant without having sex. So, I waited for my period and it came about the right time, maybe a day or two early ( it doesn't usually come always at the same exact time), but I still felt weird so I took a two home pregnancy tests that both came out negative. However, after this I still just felt really off and so about a week and a half later I took two more tests that came out negative, but I still feel like there's something going on. What are the chances I could be pregnant?

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Hi there

It depends what you mean by not having sex? Any close genital contact (ie skin-to-skin, without clothes on) carries a small risk. But if none of this nor any vaginal contact happened, then pregnancy wouldn’t occur. Your pregnancy tests will be giving an accurate result as long as you haven't had penetrative vaginal sex in last 3 weeks.

You should maybe think about starting contraception if you do intend to have sex to prevent future worries. This site gives factual advice about sex as you seem to have read some unhelpful advice!

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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