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Hi, well my friend Claire, she's been having symptoms that she's pregnant but I told her that she's not and shes going to get her period soon because she had genitals rubbing (naked) on March and like on the month she didn't have any symptoms of period and so she thought that's she was pregnant cuz no period and then on april she went doctors and it was negative and she got her period 2 twice On april, and then she got her period again on May 17 but Jine, she hasn't gotten it yet, and it's almost the end of the month, she's getting paranoid (how I used to get paranoid) she's got really paranoid because her boobs has been hurting for 2 weeks, when she press her boobs it would hurt a lot and the side of her boobs hurt as well and apparently she's getting cramps for the lAst 2 weeks but no period.

Please help my friend, I need to tell her some kind of advice to calm her down because she's really paranoid and stressed out about it. And she thinks she's pregnant.

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Hi there

If your friend really hasn’t had any genital contact with a male, then she very unlikely to be pregnant. To put her mind at ease and as her period is late I would recommend she takes a pregnancy test.

You can get tests for free from your GP or local contraceptive and sexual health clinic (you can find your nearest one here ). Although you can also buy them from pharmacies, supermarkets and even pound shops.

If your friend goes and does this at a young peoples’ contraceptive clinic they can discuss pregnancy risks and maybe start on contraception for when she is ready to have sex. Stress and worry can delay periods, so this would be the best plan.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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thank u

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