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Am I pregnant?

Hi, my period was due 6 days ago (Thursday) but never came. I took a test on Friday evening which came back negative so assumed I was just going to be a day or so late. It's now Tuesday night and still no period. I took another test this evening which has again come back negative.

I have noticed spotting since Thursday and it is dying off today. Only very light in my knickers though and slightly noticeable after I pee.

Is there a chance I could still be pregnant but the tests aren't picking it up? Or is it more likely that something else has caused this? I've never missed a period before and with two negative results am really worried that something else might be wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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Go to your doctors and ask for a blood test if your worried it could be anything that caused it. Tests didn't pick my pregnancy up until I was nearly 2 month late I even had a negative blood test

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