Implantation or Period. Confused help

Hi, umm I got my period today right but I'm to sure if it's period or implantation and OIYA I'm a virgin haven't have sex yet but I did have like intercourse, we were just rubbing it but this happened on March. well my peiord id irregular and I didn't have my period on March and I also didn't have any signs that I was going to get my period but yeah and idk if I was fertile or I wasn't cuz when we rub each other things, I still haven't got my period but on April I got my period twice and I took 2 pregnancy test from my doctor and this month, I took two home pregnancy test too and it was also negative and I got my period yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, Like I had a really bad cramp and I thought I was just like wanting to poop or something but no I got my period. There was no spotting or anything like that. It was red and there was a lot and just me Peeing there would be lots of blood would come out. Now it's my second day of my period but I'm not sure if it's either implantation or period.

Sorry if it's too long

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  • The odd of you getting pregnant without having penetrative sex are very low indeed! Sounds like you have your period. Have you considered the contraceptive pill if you do not wish to have a baby? It would stop any future worrying and would sort out your irregular periods.

  • Idk if I should cuz my friend took it and she got really bad side effects and stuff and I'm scared and Oiya I have anxiety too so like I'm been getting scared this past few days

  • No need to get scared I've suffered from severe anxiety for years and there are more than one type of pill. I'd doesn't sound like your pregnant at all I think your just paranoid

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