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Don't know

I know this girl and let's name her as "Zoe" but that's not her real name but anyways her boyfriend cam over and they were making out and according to her there was blood coming and she thinks that they hyme broke and she took those morning pills (don't know what they are called) and after a day or weeks she got her period but her period wasn't as strong and she said it was light and spotting and I was wondering is there a possibility that she's going to. Get pregnant????

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Hi there am ealy this week my bleeing is pinksh /blown too my boldy feel wild I put on wigth an never 12 stone in week I not kown is normal for me I been Toliet more often I had sex all time with my pather We are trying for baby sometime I get more tied in afternoon I full a sleep


Pls help me


Ummmm probably because when UR pregnant, u tend to go toilet a lot and get tired easily.

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Thinks u help me


Hi there,

I'm not sure from your question if your friend Zoe actually had sex? If they had sex then yes, it is possible she is pregnant, although if she took the morning-after pill the next day it is unlikely she will have conceived. She should take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after she took the morning-after pill to be certain.

I hope this helps.

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Sorry I wasn't beeing clear. A day after her period, her boyfriend came over and according to her blood was coming out because They were grinding ( u know when a girl is on top and stuff, don't know if I spelt it right) and the guys dick was showing like and she was wearing undies and apparently they were doing it very intese and it made a hole on her undies and she notice bleeding, so she thinks she broke her hyme.

I don't know when it happened but when she told us, she said she's been taking those morning pills that prevent pregnancy. And for a couple of days or maybe week, she got her period but it wasn't as strong as before and it only lasted for three days. So what she did is she waited until for her next period to come. She was getting cramps and she thought she's getting her period but she didn't cuz I also got those cramps but mine lasted for a week but anyways last month she took a pregnancy test and it was Negative. But I'm still worried for her.

She's not pregnant right?right?


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