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my boyfriend's condom split during sex and i was really sore afterwards. The next morning i realised i was bleeding (it was a week before my expected period time but i don't normally get regular periods and ALSO it doesnt seem like period blood.) bleeding continued during the day a little and ive took morning after pill (20 hours after unprotected sex). As i was reading through the leaflet it said abnormal bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy, should i worry about it?? i am also worried that what if my boyfriend hasnt put the condoms on properly before as well? should i do a pregnancy test or wait till due time?

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Hi there,

In terms of your chances of being pregnant, the morning after pill reduces your risk of pregnancy by 95% if taken within 24 after having unprotected sex, so while there is a chance it could fail, it is still very effective.

I completely understand why you are anxious. While condoms are a fairly good method of contraception, and do provide protection form most STIs, they are not as reliable as some other methods of contraception, such as the pill or the contraceptive implant. If you are very worried about your chances of conceiving when using condoms, you might want to consider using another method. We have a guide to the different methods here which might be of use, but you can also talk to a nurse at your local contraceptive clinic or your GP about all your options:


Even if you decide to continue using condoms, I still think you should go to speak to a medical professional about the bleeding after sex. It is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy, and can be related to other things and is definitely worth getting checked out.

Pregnancy tests are most effective if used aftr you miss a period - I know it might be hard to wait but it is the best way to make sure you are getting an accurate result. The NHS has more advice here:


If you are pregnant, please don't panic. I noticed your other post and if you decide you are unable to continue with the pregnancy then you can access abortion services completely free of charge and all your information will remain confidential.

I know this is a lot of information at once but just let me know if you have any other queries. I know it must be so stressful right now, but try not to worry too much. Whatever happens, you have options.

Best wishes,



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