Help! I really need some help to work out who the father of my baby is!

I have just found out that I am pregnant but I am unsure who the father is. My first date of my last period was 19th January 2015. and my cycle varies, sometimes it's between 25 to 29 days long, other months between 45 and 58 days long. Me and my previous partner have been trying for a baby for the last 6 months but recently split up. The last date that we had sex was 26th January. Thinking that this was far too soon after my period to be pregnant me and my current partner began having sex on 6th February. I did a clear blue digital test yesterday (23rd Feb) which said I was 1 to 2 weeks pregnant, therefore I thought it was my current partners but after looking at a few conception calculators today it's looking like it may well be my ex partners. I don't want to give either false hope (both are desperate to be fathers). I there anyway you can tell me which is most likely to be the father and how certain is that?

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  • Hello- I hope you are okay and aren’t getting too worried. I completely understand that you want to be sure of the father before you tell one of them. I think your best bet might be to head down to a contraceptive and sexual health clinic and talk through your dates with them to get a better picture of what is going on? They will have a good understanding of conception dates etc. xx

  • Hello only way you would know is to do a DNA test when baby is born x

  • I guess the only thing you can do now is wait. I know how boring and hard is to play the wait game. but I see no other option for you my friend. Until the baby is born there is nothing you can do. Once he or she comes to life a DNA test will reveal everything. I am sorry for what you are going through! I wish things take a turn for better as soon as possible.

  • The post is two years old. I'm sure she would, have found out now. I reply on old posts all the time 😅x

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