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Really confused needing answers plz help

My period was due on the 4 of this month making me and about 5 days late iv taken 6 home test all negitive and I'm showing symptoms of pregnancy like feeling nausea thought out the day, growing, tender and heavy breats, new streach marks or my breasts, peeing a lot more then normal even when not drinking a lot of fluids. I went to the doctors for a blood pregnancy test on Monday and something went wrong and they couldn't run the tests so they told me to remake an appointment if I don't get my period, but today i started having a light spoty flow and cramping could this be my period or something different what could thus be and should I be worried? And what should I look for? I'm still having symptoms or pregnancy. please help!!!

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Hi Howell,

If this bleeding is like your normal flow then yes this could be period. However, I think you should absolutely go back to your GP as soon as possible to chat through your continuing symptoms and do a blood test with them if you remain concerned or if this light flow is not like your usual period. I'm so sorry that I can't give you a more definitive answer - a blood test at your GPs should be able to.

Best wishes,



Hi there, just to say that I did 4 pregnancy tests this time round and were all negative and I was so convinced that I was pregnant, the last test of the 4 was also done even when I was a week late and still said negative. Had all the pregnancy symptoms you are describing, oh and also one of these tests was the Clear Blue Digital which supposedly detects up to 4 days before your period is due! Anyway, I waited another couple of days and sure enough finally had a positive result! I thought it very odd as with both my daughters I tested about 1 day late and had positive result straight away. So I'm putting it down to me ovulating later that month which would have made the HCG result really low to have been detected at first. You may well be pregnant but it's just not showing yet, and if the spotting is light it could be an implantation bleed which is very common. I guess you will know in a couple of days if it turns heavier into your period. If not do another test :).

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