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Need advice

I havent had a full period since november. In November it was spotting but in december it never started i took a testin Nov. It came up positive but my boyfriend wanted me to take another so i did after my period never started in december and it was negative. I later became sick an went to hospital they did another test it was negative also but still no cycle... im very confused. I have no children .. have no one to talk to ... but my belly has above my belly bottom is getting hard and my nipples are sore my emotion are everywhere . What some i do? My feey also swell now... can someone give mr advice? Please

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Hi there,

I completely understand why you are confused, but try not to worry if possible. I think the best thing to do would be to take another test, and if this is still negative then pop down to your nearest sexual health / contraceptive clinic or your GPs. They can discuss your dates with you and also check if there's anything else that might be affecting your cycle. If you are anxious about taking another pregnancy test, which would be understandable, they could also take the test with you. If you aren't sure where your nearest clinic is, you can find it online here:

I really hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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See i even had an November like pains in my lower belly like almost cramp but i never get cramps from my cycle i was very uncomfrontable. But my loving boyfriend tired everything to make me feel better also thank you


I'm sorry to hear that - I definitely think you should try and get a face to face appointment with a healthcare professional and have a chat about all your symptoms and missed periods. Glad to hear you boyfriend is supportive! Best wishes, Katherine


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