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My fiance and I had unprotected sex between last Monday and saturday every day. My period usually comes the last week of the month, but today (monday) I started bleeding very lightly. I figured I started my period a little sooner, but it lasted less than a day and I'm now spotting a light brown color. Is that weird? Is it too early to tell if it's implantation even though it's only been a few days? Too early to take a pregnancy test?

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It could be your period, but my suggestion would be wait until the weekend and take a pregnancy test then when your period is officially late. If it’s negative then wait a week and repeat. Implantation after fertilisation can occur between 8-18 days, but usually it takes 14 days. So if you do end up being pregnant it would more likely be from an earlier episode of unprotected sex. If you have any more worries it might be worth getting in contact with you GP or visiting a family planning clinic.

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